JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Police investigated a fraud call Oct. 12 after a 47-year-old man reported that he had been swindled out of $245.

The victim told Johns Creek police he received a call from a man posing as a manager from his power company. The caller, who identified himself simply as “John,” told the victim that his account was past due, and that he owed $245. “John” claimed he had crews on standby awaiting word to disconnect the man’s electricity.

The caller demanded the victim send $245 via MoneyPak, a prepaid debit card used to transfer cash, to avoid the disconnection, and he added that his power would be cut off if he hung up the phone. The ploy worked, according to the police report.

The victim said he withdrew money from an ATM and went to a retail store to deposit the money on a MoneyPak card, which he used to send cash to the caller. The money was immediately removed from the account, and the caller said he would call back with a confirmation code.

But in the meantime, the victim called his power company to inquire about the transaction. They told him his account was in good standing and that he had been scammed. The man confronted the suspect about the scam when he called back with the confirmation code, and the caller hung up, the report stated.

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