JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Police investigated a fraud reported by rental property owners Dec. 30.

The victim, according to police, owns apartments along Piedmont Avenue and told officers his 19-year-old daughter got a text from a prospective tenant looking to lease one of the units. That tenant claimed their employer would pay the $1,100 rent. The landlord’s daughter told officers she got a $2,500 check purportedly from the tenant’s employer on Dec. 18. She said the tenant then sent her a text message claiming her employer overpaid and asking the teen’s family to reimburse the difference.

The property owner said he wired $800 to the supposed employer’s bank account, according to the report. Soon after, the landlord received another check for $2,900 and the “tenant” asked to be reimbursed again. The property owner wired $1,000 to a different account. After both of the supposed employer’s checks bounced, the property owner and his daughter realized they’d been scammed, they told investigators.

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