MILTON, Ga. — Police issued citations to an Alpharetta man Aug. 12 following a road rage incident that occurred on Ga. 9 and ended at a fast food restaurant.

A 37-year-old man was issued citations for hit and run and disorderly conduct after he allegedly damaged another driver’s passenger mirror and hit another vehicle with his car while fleeing the scene.

The incident began when a car tried to merge in front of the suspect’s car on Ga. 9. The driver of the merging car told police the other car sped up and blocked his access.

Later, the two drivers pulled into the Chick Fil A on Windward Parkway by coincidence. The lead driver told police he believed he was being followed by the driver who had attempted the merge.

The driver of the lead car parked and got out to confront the driver, allegedly using vulgar language while asking if the driver was following him. At one point during the argument, the driver of the lead car struck the side passenger mirror hard enough to knock it out of its housing.

The driver of the damaged car told police the man returned to his car, backed into another vehicle, then fled the parking lot. The driver of that second damaged vehicle followed the fleeing care while calling police about a hit and run.

Police were able to stop the man on Dania Drive, Alpharetta.

They said the man admitted to confronting one driver at Chick Fil A and hitting the mirror during the altercation and then hitting another vehicle with his car while leaving the scene.

The man was released after police issued citations for hit and run and disorderly conduct.

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