Cadillac Jack - My Second Act

Thank you to our friend Thomas Fountain for introducing the show today. He is an unbelievable song writer and artist and we appreciate all of his support!

Need some help getting a power bill paid during this crazy time? Tag Gallery Furniture in Gainesville on the Cadillac Jack Page on Facebook and they will be working with us to get some of those paid. What an amazing idea and offer from our pod partners over at Gallery Furniture.

And thank you to Tracy Cousineau for donating a % of all closings to Atlanta Food Banks, too. You’ll hear about that later in the show. We love our podcast partners!

In homes across the country there are parents that are not only stuck with the kids while schools are closed, but they are also stuck with the class pet that was SUPPOSED to just be with them for the week. Then schools closed and…welcome to the family Harry the Hamster!

Friends of the pod are familiar with Mr. Al, Donna’s mom’s 100-year-old boyfriend of 15 years. Recently Caddy had a chance to facetime with him (while they are being quarantined) and talk to him about the coronavirus. Has he ever seen anything like this? Hear what he has to say.

All that and MUCH more on today’s episode of the pod.

Cadillac Jack. New show, same ride. Enjoy!

Today's show is brought to you by Real Estate Expert AdvisorsHURT 911Dinner A’Fare and Gallery Furniture. Hype songs sponsored by Core 57

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