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This week Carson speaks with Meredith Jordan, author of "Below The Line", a new book revealing the ins and outs of the lesser known, but just as important, stars of your favorite movies and tv shows. 


Upcoming Book Signings:


Dolly’s Books, Park City, Utah, home of Sundance, July 18

Mitzi’s Books Rapid City, SD  book signing only.  July 20

Ferguson’s  Bismarck ND,  July 27

Ferguson’s Grand Fork, ND, July 28

UFVA Conference July 30- Aug 2.   

Minn Family Time.   

Magers & Quinn, Minneapolis, Aug. 6 

Beaverdale Books, Des Moines, Aug. 7 


KC, KA Aug. 9-10

Rogers, AR, Steph’s houseboat. Aug.10-13  

Prospero’s Books, Kansas City, Mo, Aug. 17 


Commonplace Books, Oklahoma City, Aug. 24 — dinner event

Collected Works, Sante Fe, Aug. 30.



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