Have you ever been asked to play beer pong at 1 PM in the afternoon? What about poker? For Donna the answer is yes- both happened this week. 

The first presidential debate was Tuesday and that only means one thing- Saturday Night Live is going to be really good this weekend. Caddy and DOnna run through a couple clips from the “debate” and talk about some of the more serious implications. Then you’ll here a couple lighthearted clips that will definitely catch jokes on SNL (which returns this Saturday). 

Did you know that Daughters Day was this week? Caddy did. Donna did. Want to guess which one celebrated it? 

Then finally tt’s the best time of the week: Appy. Donna’s new favorite app is all about meal prepping and healthy eating. 

As usual the show rounds off with a Pod Peep or two before rolling off for a weekend of cold opens. Take a listen, give a watch and then text Caddy about it. 7704646024.