There was a horrible storm in the southeast- Tropical Storm Zeta. Some of its effects were felt by Donna and Cadillac Jack. 

After giving a brief report, Caddy and Donna move on to covering how it relates to Naked and Afraid. Let’s put it this way- if you were on the show, how much pixelization would you need?

We make this promise to you: there is (almost) no talk of the 2020 election on this podcast. The one time it does come up today is when Donna pitches her theory that Melania Trump has a body double. “I’m not going there.” 

A few bits of big news in the life of Cadillac Jack. The McRib is back. Parents are moving away from testing. Power tools (including coffee makers) are over rated. 

Then hear a snippet from the Mark Wills interview and get a bit of the perspective of a singer-songwriter in 2020.