Christmas has been cancelled for the Jacks. Roscoe had to go to the emergency room and his treatments drained the holiday slush fund. He’s doing much better now but it goes to show: be careful what you get into in Cadillac Jack’s backyard. 

After filling everyone in on Roscoe’s status, Caddy and Donna move on to Borat. Whether you’re a fan or not, everyone must acknowledge the strength of the work. If the Tourism Department for Kazakhstan can appreciate it, so can you. That’s why the segment includes a clip that the international agency has used to promote the country. 

After filling in a couple plugs, the Jacks move on to covering their night out in Alpharetta. It involves a curb, a bar and one cool mom. Also Megan Thee Stallion (@theestallion), a cross-body bag and an unmarked taxi. We’ll put it this way: we really had to cut the segment down. 

Caddy gives Greg Barnhill a call around 20 minutes into the show. Greg is joining Caddy at the Uncorked Concert Series and gives a peek behind the curtain into what it’s like to be a songwriter. It’s a quick conversation that you’ll want to hear. 

Then it’s the best time of the week: Donna’s Appy Segment. Donna’s pick is a way to stretch your brain, pass the time on commutes or get inspired. It’s an overall great way to get starTED learning about fields that interest you. 

To close out the show, we hear from Officer Ritchey. The Jacks had been wondering about the legal nuances of making a citizens’ arrest and Ritchey has some answers. He calls in to share his thoughts (and stop Caddy from hogtying strangers).

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