The secret is out. Caddy has been busted. Today’s Second Act starts off with Cadillac Jack under the gun. It doesn’t take long, though, for him to admit he knew it was coming. 

After the brief confessional, Caddy and Donna move on to welcome Charlotte to the studio for a few playlist additions. It transitions well into a short segment on what it’s like to take your kids to the doctor. Or your husband to the doctor. Or the doctor to your husband. 

Then Caddy brings a couple Quick Hits to the table. They include a near-explosion at a Home Depot, the Return of (another) Beaver and a removed SNL guest. The section carries its own “Listeners Enter At Your Own Risk” label. 

Then it is Tuesday after all, which means the third segment is a game of Can’t Beat Jack. Taylor Garland from Cherokee County, Georgia calls in to play a match. Before she leaves, Taylor and Donna find common ground in their grumblings of Caddy and his Me-So-Phony condition. 

Call Caddy. He’s bored some days. 7704646024.