Cadillac Jack - My Second Act

Thank you to Shelby Brehm for introducing today's episode AND picking Caddy's Hype Song! Shelby has been a longtime fan (back to 2009) and loyal supporter. We appreciate all the love over the years!

There is a lot going on in the world right now. We're just now seeing light at the end of the coronavirus pandemic, as we've talked about before on the show, and now we are witnessing turmoil again. Another unarmed black man was killed by police while in their custody, in Minneapolis. We've all been watching the national protests on the news, and Caddy and Donna share some of their perspective.

On a different note, Caddy talks about ESPN's new documentary about Lance Armstrong, after the Michael Jordan documentary was such a big success. We're finding out some thing now, like how much input Jordan had on the creative control, and wonder now how much Armstrong will be given the same. Also, Caddy and Donna talk about how these documentaries, including Kevin Hart's recent one on Netflix, have been a very raw peak into these celebrities lives.

Pod peeps, listener mail and more - all on today’s episode.

Cadillac Jack. New show, same ride. Enjoy!

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