Today’s episode of Cadillac Jack: My Second Act is a quick hit. 

First off, Susan Clark intro’s the show. Not only does Susan Clark does she pipe us in, but comes with fighting’ words. Susan is the only person who has (allegedly) Beat Caddy twice. We can’t remember the old name, but we’ll have a rematch of You Don’t Know Jack to settle the score. 

Donna and Caddy cover their feelings about upcoming holidays like Labor Day and Halloween.  

After that, Donna tells Caddy about the time she was encouraged to steal Clarence Clemons’ hip replacement card. Spoiler Alert: she returned it to him. 

The show fulfills the music portion of its Semi-Music Podcast classification by covering some upcoming songs. The first ones are upcoming classic Christmas songs covered by a few Country artists. Donna and Caddy are not fans. There’s a hunch that Tug Cowart isn’t either. 

Then Donna talks about a new project from Chris Stapleton that features some folks from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. 

Caddy went on a Daddy / Daughter field trip this week. It was a little unconventional- the two went to the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office and Morgue.  He shares the experience on the middle segment of today’s show. 

Statesboro. Bullet County. It’s a new target for the White House. Caddy and Donna tackle the situation on the third major segment. Hear their thoughts on the school, the parents and the nation. It leads right into a discussion on some changes in national testing for schools and prep courses in the college application process.

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