Jody Jackson has the intro today and there is no shortage of great JJ stories. He was a promotions director for Y106 and basically started March Across Georgia. Jody went to school with Donna (along with Julia Roberts) and now every time he calls, the Choates go crazy.  He’s on another level of hard work. He lived on the road with T Graham Brown and helped Gov. Deal. Nowadays he’s running the John Jarrard Foundation with Bruce Birch, working with amazing songwriters and giving money to a lot of North Georgia charities. He’s so much fun, a very hard worker and we’re so glad to have his intro today!

Donna is not getting a Peloton. Instead, she is staring at trainers and buying (more) kitty litter. 

Garth Brooks called a press conference this week with country (and general) media across the country. He has announced that he is stepping away from a few Country highlights. On an unrelated note, he’s also opening a new bar. The question is: will Caddy also be removing himself from the ballot for Country’s Entertainer of the Year? Donna talks about how the award is really for those who are pushing Country music forward. The real Country vanguard. So, the jury is still out for Caddy.

Donna has always wanted a water feature as part of the Choate household. Caddy has been making some calls and it looks like her wish is going to come true. Sorta. That conversation follows an update on the sprinkle debacle we heard about last show.

The show takes a serious note as Caddy and Donna continue their reflection on the passing of Rep. John Lewis. It is clear that those who have stories to tell about the social justice icon have only beautiful stories to tell.

The most lucrative deal in sports just came through. Let’s just say that Donna is about to be a Kansas City fan.

Caddy has never seen Donna hold a set of clubs. Donna tells Caddy she’s looking at the pro circuit. Where’s the disconnect here? Call the show and let us know.

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Cadillac Jack - My Second Act


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