Stacey has the intro. She has been a huge supporter since day one and, fun fact, her first concert (Hank, JR) came from tickets she won from Kicks at a Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits. We are so grateful to have her support AND her intro.

Do you have trouble finding or taking pictures of the whole family? You’re not alone. To solve the problem, Donna has taken to timehopping.

Caddy drove to the studio in silence today. He also had to take a second shower. To say it’s been a stressful morning would be an understatement.

The run of show was 22 pages long today. Still, Donna thinks there is a lot missing. So the middle section of today’s show is a shotgun round of what’s been in the news for music this week.

If you’re listening on upload date, it has been 8 days since Caddy’s teeth came out. That means it is time for the Teeth Discussion. Caddy gives his perspective from the past couple days. Donna follows it up with a quick realty check of how things have REALLY been.

It would be hard for anyone to say that they’re not struggling right now. Remember to check in with those around you and offer some support when you can. Caddy and Donna touch on the subject, addressing some recent headlines that are a bit concerning. At the same time, now is a great chance to extend a hand and show compassion.

Caddy has been spending a lot of time with Officer Ritchie of the Alpharetta Police Department in preparation of their new show “Caddy Wagon.” While going on the ride-alongs, he has noticed a rising trend of certain emergency calls. The end of the show touches on this new trend and some of the implications.

Lastly, Caddy gets some sympathy texts. Send him one. 7704646024.

Cadillac Jack - My Second Act