Bill Gentry has the intro on today’s show. Caddy and Donna could have a whole month of episodes about Bill. He’s always been in music. He’s always been around. He has always had a certain air about him. He has always had a Wild history and we are thrilled to have him dial in today's Second Act.

“I’m Donna Choate and men are babies.” With that intro, the stage is set for today’s show. Caddy and Donna are a bit traumatized from the recent surgery but not in the ways you’d expect.

A lot of the early show is dedicated to Keith Urban and his new project. It’s coming out mid-September as a delayed release, just as so much music has been these past few months. Keith is framing it as a good thing; he’s been able to add a few new songs. Caddy and Donna are not so sure. Keith is one of those people who does not shy away from his challenges. Caddy and Donna have interacted with him a few different times over the years, noticing changes every time. The show covers some of the traits of addiction, meditation and openness. Caddy shares a couple stories with Keith, including one segment about Things You Don’t Know About Your Spouse.

Has a guidance counselor ever broken your trust? #FakeHomeSchoolFacts has been trending on Twitter and the show has some stories from it. Turns out scheduling is not the only worry coming from this year’s school year. Can you imagine the school supplies lists? How do you play a clarinet without reeds? (Actually, just ask Will about that one…)

How many attorneys appear unprofessionally on Zoom court appearances? According to one Florida circuit judge, that answer is “a lot.” We understand the “business on the top, party on the bottom” approach, but apparently some lawyers need to be reminded to wear a shirt at all. That example seems excessive, but Donna does thinks that there is just a general sloppiness and pegs the reason as everyone “living casually.” Everyone seems to be a fan, though, except the employers.

Caddy and Donna have some very exciting news. They intro them on today’s show but here's a hint: new shows. 

Cadillac Jack - My Second Act