Jon Brasher has today’s intro. Brasher is Donna’s wusband and taught her the mastery of deflection. He is hilarious, lives in Johns Creek with his family and is up next to have his own podcast *wink wink*. Thanks Brasher!

If you’ve been listening since the beginning, you’ll know that Caddy has been having some problems with his mouth. It’s finally caught up to him.

The first segment of today’s show explains where Caddy is headed and why Roscoe was the first to know. The kicker, though, is how Donna wants to leverage it into her first TikTok milly and an energy drink sponsor.

Is it true that Gregg Alman broke into Capricorn studies to record a song? Donna says yes and that it’s her hype song today. Then Caddy uses his hype song to reflect on CMA Fest, Fan Fair and his birthday(s) in Nashville. Caddy and Donna break into what makes country music so special (spoiler: it’s the artists), using the example of when Garth Brooks came off of his world tour, showed up at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds (at 10am on a Tuesday) and signed autographs for 23 hours.

Did you know that Caddy once hosted a successful morning show on an Atlanta radio station? He shares some stories from his time on the air, including when K****** walked in (late) for a 30-artist show with one shoe on. As Donna says, “that’s how you know you had a good night.”

Caddy and Donna then move in to cover Jada Pinkett Smith’s “entanglement.” The discussion runs for a while before smoothly transitioning into why Donna can’t stand words like “entanglement.” Or “conscious uncoupling.” Who names their child Apple anyways?

“Out of an abundance of caution,” just tell Donna that Hamilton is cancelled.

Back when Caddy and Donna were printing money (literally, they had a money printer) they had a weekend at the Four Seasons. Things got a little hairy when they were invited up to “see another couple’s condo” and found themselves in a couple of robes. Caddy and Donna want to set the record straight: are they easy marks?

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Cadillac Jack - My Second Act


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