Donna is going back to school. Caddy wants to take up some new instruments. It’s a normal Thursday in 2020. 

The first segment of the show covers some of the recent Country Music Awards nominations. To start, Garth Brooks got his wish. Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean. Here’s a name you weren’t expecting: Justin Bieber. Then a name you were expecting but didn’t see? Kelsea Ballerinio. Caddy explains why and answers the popular question of who exactly can vote in the CMAs. 

The second segment of the show covers some music news for the State of Georgia and specifically, the City of Atlanta. It’s estimated that 20,000 music professionals live and work in the state. Based on the show’s semi-music designation from Apple, it’s unclear where Caddy and Donna fit in there. 

On the following segment, Caddy and Donna talk about the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. He was an incredible actor whose diagnosis was kept under wraps from almost everyone. It’s a powerful example that those around you can be dealing with immense struggles.  

Caddy and Donna turn around the show with a quick game of Which Came First? It’s a trivia game that will be a warm up to thie upcoming round of You Don’t Know Jack. Here are some early vision The Empire State Building or Clint Eastwood? King King or Ping Pong? 

The newest season of Dancing With The Husband Killers is coming soon. The featured entrant? That’s right. It’s Carole Baskin. After that she is headed to Animal Crossing to put up campaign signs. Caddy explains the nuances of the situation and why it has to do with the lack of Joe Biden boat parades. 

Donna and Cadillac Jack almost make it to the fifth segment without earning the show its “Explicit” tag. This one comes from the discussion of OnlyFans. Donna thinks that it promotes the concept of directly paying creators for their content. She says it will move away from “the naughty bits.” Caddy says he isn’t interested in any of that. 

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