Cadillac Jack - My Second Act

Thank you to Evelyn Kay Soto for doing the introduction to today’s show! Caddy met Evelyn back in the Kicks days when she got a job reporting traffic on the radio. Now she is an Atlanta based voice artist doing great things for radio and television. Thanks for all of your support and your friendship!


On the way in to record today’s episode Caddy got pulled over. He gunned it out of his neighborhood, and well, never slowed down. Hear about the ordeal and his upcoming court date to appear. We still love all our men and women in blue though – they are doing incredible work protecting us during this trying time.

On the show Caddy and Donna talk about the state of local journalism and how its more important now than ever for community news about what is happening in your backyard. The journalism industry has been hit just as hard as other businesses in this crisis and it needs all our support!

We also get a chance to empty the mailbag and respond to listener mail and questions. Please send us your thoughts on the show or questions on something you want to know more about! We try to answer as many as we can.

NEW PROMOTION! Do you know someone in your hometown who is going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe it’s a neighbor helping out a senior citizen, a grocery bagger or your local trash collector. NOMINATE THEM to be recognized as a “Hometown Hero”. Here is how to do it: 1) Follow 1-800-Hurt911 on Instagram 2) Post a picture on any social media platform, use the hashtag #hurt911hero and tag Caddy 3) He’ll reach out to you via direct message to coordinate getting your hero a limited edition “Home Town Hero” t-shirt. That’s it – go nominate someone! This great new recognition is sponsored by Hurt911 and Threadz Ink Printing.

All that and more on today’s episode!

Cadillac Jack. New show, same ride. Enjoy!

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