Have you ever been in the bar, barefoot, at last call, when the Cowboys show up? Donna has, and knows it has happened to Caddy too, because she was with him when it happened. 


Believe it or not there was a time when some Florida Georgia Line was considered “new country” and certain radio stations wouldn’t play it. Bet that has changed since then. Caddy and Donna talk about it and why it’s important for songs to have an intro. Here’s a hint: without an intro it’s impossible for radio to sell the song or sell the artist. 

How do you organize your memes? Where do you get them? How do you use them? Those are the gripping questions that steal the second segment of the show. They might even lead into a new Appy segment next week. 

Then it’s time for round 6 and to see if the great Ben Burnett can beat Jack. Ben calls in to the show to play a quick round of Can’t Beat Jack and talk shop with the Choates. Skip forward to about 19 minutes in to hear the game but hold onto your hats- at least one contestant runs the board.

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