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This week Preston welcomes returning guests Pallavi Purkayastha; Democratic Strategist, Craig Kidd; Chief of Staff for Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker and First Vice Chair for the Fulton County Republican Party & Hans Appen; GM of Appen Media Group to discuss House Bill 316, the Gwinnett Marta vote and much more.

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Hanging chads absolutely exist in the realm of paper bubble ballots.

Overfilled bubbles, underfilled, additional marks, wrong ink all cause scantron machines to misread and cause undervotes or overvotes. These caused massive headaches in Florida where poll workers illegally 'reconstructed' unreadable paper ballots without election officials present.

Georgia's system of touch screens are exactly the system that liberals should embrace.
*Prevent overvotes by validating input
*Can reduce undervotes by highlighting nonselceted races (Large numbers in Florida 2018)
*Ensure every page of a ballot is seen before 'Cast'
*Ensure review of selected candaites on a ballot before 'Cast'
*Ensure easily readable entry of write in candidates
*Offer high contrast, large font text
*Offer audio reader services
*Can offer multilingual ballot support
*Can offer the correct ballot to out of precient/out of county voters. (Large numbers in 2018)
*Never run out of paper ballots (Provisional paper ballots ran out in many precients 2018)
*Reduces time/cost to change ballot text
*Ensures uniform ballot design

Instead of being luddites, Democrats should be focused on ensuring counties provide proper support for & proper access to machine voting. (Fulton)

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