This episode of Caddy Wagon with Ritchey and Raider is dedicated to K9 Blue with the Gwinnett County Police Department, who lost his life in the line of duty. 

Ritchey, Raider and Cadillac respond to a domestic violence call. (00:32)

What happens when law enforcement checks the serial number of a firearm? (4:33)

Introduction to Officer Phil Ritchey, K9 Raider and Cadillac Jack. (7:01)

K9 Raider is officially tracking-certified.  (8:29)

RaiderCam audio as Ritchey and Raider track Caddy down in the field. (19:59)

Shoutout to K9 Hammer for tracking a suspect through a 1/4-mile stretch of swamp in Forsyth County, Georgia. (21:19)

Introduction to Sergeant Chelsea Ritchey. (23:20)

Officers Ritchey and Ritchey play The Newlywed Game, hosted by Cadillac Jack. (37:33)

K9 Raider alerts on a suspicious vehicle after being called out to a traffic stop. (41:56)

Raider’s Furry Friend: K9 Turbo (@kpd_k9_turbo) and Officer Josh Hale with the Kennesaw Police Department. (44:05)

What it’s like to get bitten by a K9 officer. (44:59)

Questions for Officer Ritchey and K9 Raider: false alerts, questionable calls, puppy food, private K9. (47:46)

Ritchey, Raider and Caddy respond to a call about a possible structure fire. (55:21)

Officers Ritchey and Ritchey continue playing The Newlywed Game, hosted by Cadillac Jack. (1:05)

Raider tells a joke. (1:08)

A winner is picked that will receive some Raider swag in Ontario. (1:09)