Are you using social media in your business? Have you measured the impact social media is having in helping you attract new customers and grow revenue? 

Over the past decade, the rush to utilize social media by many businesses has been huge. However, in a lot of cases, it has been a time-consuming waste of time that has provided limited value.

Please don’t get me wrong. Social media has delivered and will continue to deliver considerable value to small businesses. However, just because you are using social media doesn’t mean you’re getting any value from it.  

There are many reasons why. At the top of the list are your target customers. If your small business does business with other businesses, commonly known as B2B, you probably won’t get a lot of traction using social media sites like Facebook. Conversely, if your target customers are consumers, then Facebook could be perfect.

Social media sites for small businesses are not all focused on attracting new customers. Some sites like LinkedIn, for example, can be used to identify and recruit new employees. As such, evaluating the utilization of social media must be based on what you are trying to accomplish. 

In the digital world that we now live in, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of social media. In some cases, it’s been a game changer, and in others, it’s been a terrible waste of time. If social media is right for your business, then use it. If it’s not, then don’t!

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