If the coronavirus has shown us anything, there are far more epidemiologists, virologists and health experts in America than most could have ever imagined. Well, if you consider the comments being thrown around on social media, anyway.

It seems as if far more of those around us are experts on this new virus than those who actually hold positions or offices that deem them far more knowledgeable in such matters.

These newly minted health experts take up arms, in this case, keyboards, to combat these “so-called” experts at every turn. They dismiss anything they say that does not conform to what they want to hear. They label any article that does not paint a rosy outlook for the pandemic as “fearmongering,” regardless of what information the article contains. Because of course, they know the truth.

They have turned heroes — those working to combat this virus head-on from behind desks, in hospitals and in laboratories — into villains.

But everyone is still entitled to their opinion, even if it has no factual basis. And most of these statements and social media comments can be ignored, but those who are still spewing that COVID-19 is a “hoax,” or “basically the flu,” or “has only killed” what this person suggests is insignificant numbers, are despicable.

That is because there are people who see these comments who have been impacted greatly by this virus and know a hell of a lot more about it than a twit belching out incredibly callous statements while hiding behind a keyboard.

And hiding they are, because I can simply not believe there are those in this world who could actually be so heartless as to say these things, face to face, to people who have been devastated by the virus.  

Look Hilary New in the eye and tell her things are being “blown out of proportion.” Her 65-year old mother from Rome, Georgia, contracted the virus in early March. New’s mother told her to “pull the plug” if she had to be placed on a ventilator, and her daughter had to make the gut-wrenching decision to comply.  

Tell Chanda Grubbs, a North Carolina woman who lost her husband and father of three children, Adrien, to coronavirus that the virus is “not a big deal.” 

Face Linda Green and tell her “it’s pretty much just the flu.” Her 37-year old daughter Brent, a Georgia native and mother of twin 12-year old boys, died from coronavirus without having any preexisting conditions. 

Call up Nancy Hopkins of South Carolina who was unable to visit or speak to her father in the hospital as he died from COVID-19 that it’s “just a hoax.”

Tell your neighbor that a virus that has killed 85,000 people in our nation alone, that these “so-called health experts” are fearmongering.

If a person can still stand by those statements as they meet those whose lives have been devastated by this impact, they are not an enlightened person. They are unbelievably callous.

And anyone who would say such things is damn sure not a health expert.

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Pat Parker

So very true. It’s called empathy and society seems to be sorely lacking it in some areas

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