You probably know what the word “assume” means, no? Well, if not, the polite version is that if you assume something, often it will bite you in the behind because you will be big-time wrong. See if any of your assumptions about the media were wrong. 

Most of the data for this comes from our annual circulation audit and readership survey that we contract out to a neutral third party — The Circulation Verification Council ( We are now the only newspaper in the region, other than the AJC, that continues to have its circulation verified by an independent third party. 

Question 1.  Sales of printed books have been declining for years and continue to decline while sales of e-books are increasing. True of False? (Subtract 10 points if you miss this one). 

Question 2.  What percent of working journalists working in the United States are now employed by just two media companies (The New York Times and The Washington Post)?  About 10%, About 20%, About 30%, About 40%, About 50% (Give yourself 25 points if you get this one right).

Question 3. The percent of people who actually read their Appen HERALD or Crier each week — those papers that are delivered free to their driveways — has gradually declined over the past 10 years because people increasingly get their local news online. True or False? (Score 10 points if you get this one). 

Question 4.  What age group of Appen newspaper reader is the largest? 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, or 65 and older? What is the second biggest group? (Score 10 points if you get one right, score 25 points if you get both right). 

Question 5.  Is the percent of young people reading Appen newspapers increasing or decreasing?  (Score 10 points if you get this one right). 

Question 6.  What percent of residents 25 and under read Appen newspapers? (This one is worth 10 points). 

Question 7.  What percent of Appen newspaper readers have a combined annual household income over $100,000? About 40%, About 50%, About 60%, About 70% (Score 15 points if you get this one).

Question 8.  See if you can pick at least 3 of the top 5 types of purchases Appen newspaper readers will make in the next 12 months: Here are 10 categories to choose from.  (If you pick three of the top 5, score 20 points).

• Furniture & Home Furnishings

• Home Improvements

• Auto accessories

• Lawn & Garden Supplies

• Men’s apparel

• New or used Car or Truck

• Women’s apparel

• Tax Adviser

• Financial Planner

• Veterinarian

• Health Club

• Lawn Service

• Medical Services

• Pet Supplies

Question 9. What is the percentage of readers who routinely use advertising in Appen newspapers to purchase local goods and services? About 40%, About 50%, About 60%, About 70%, About 80% (Score 20 points if you get this one right). 

Question 10.  Appen Email Marketing: How many variables can you choose from to super target the audience you want with Appen’s hugely successful Email Marketing Program? More than 300, More than 400, More than 500, More than 600, More than 700, More than 800, More than 900. (25 points if you get this one right). 

Answers to Appen Newspaper Quiz

Ray is the Publisher Emeritus for Appen Media and the Herald newspapers.

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