Imagine you could help motivate high school students in your community — those with extraordinary academic and leadership potential, who would not have access to advanced education for financial reasons. What if you could offer these kids an education at one of our great colleges at no expense to them?

The POSSE foundation has done exactly that. The program extends four-year full tuition scholarships, by partnering with one of 60 universities and colleges. Each institution agrees to support 10 students as a group from a specific community — like Atlanta. The students are placed in carefully curated multicultural teams. 

POSSE also provides the crucial social support required for these kids to fit in and thrive in an environment where the enrichment experiences of other students may differ greatly from their own. The amazingly successful structure of this program has shepherded over 8,400 students to graduate successfully; which represents over 90 percent of those initially selected to participate. 

To tap the talent and leadership potential of post-911 veterans, they are now qualifying for the scholarship process. In September 2019, the first class of vets will proudly matriculate to the University of Chicago, on their way to a new life, and new ways to serve.

Opportunity starts as a circumstance of birth. Possibilities exist here in America that do not exist anywhere else in this world; including excellent public education. This coordinated effort recognizes clearly brilliant and capable kids are born to all kinds of families, of every race and every economic bracket. These scholars are our future; a natural resource of great potential that must be cultivated to the fullest. Let’s elevate great minds and change the world.

POSSE was the vision of Deborah Bial who in 1989 engaged colleges and universities in co-sponsoring the education of kids clearly exhibiting drive and brains. 

How can you help? The college provides an excellent full boat academic scholarship and private individuals (like me!) and insightful corporations pick up what’s left. The auxiliary cost is about $4,000 per student per year, much of it from small private gifts. This includes the guidance, transportation, and everything needed to ensure success. We can help kids with limited options but unlimited potential; become world class leaders in one generation of enrichment.

Astute corporations are also stepping up to capture these scholars in prestigious internships, further enriching their experience — judges, senators, museums, hospitals, regardless of their own area of study, an opportunity exists.

The alumni network is also becoming a powerful pipeline. The 4,500 graduates from every discipline are able to cross pollinate ideas to serve needed strategies for positive social change all over the world.


For information:

• POSSE - National Office, 14 Wall St., Suite 8A-60, New York, NY 10005

• POSSE - Atlanta Office, 101 Marietta St. NW, Suite 1040, Atlanta, GA 30303

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