I could not make the meeting on the plan for Dunwoody Village, but I have a few comments. 

I like the idea of offering housing for empty nesters and, hopefully, seniors. That plan should include low-rise, single-floor condos at a reasonable price. My family and I have been residents since 1972. My sons have their own families and homes, my husband is deceased, and, although I hate to move, it’s that time. 

I’d like to stay in Dunwoody, but not in an apartment or a townhouse. My knees are through climbing stairs. New apartments are so small as to be claustrophobic. Prices for townhouses are astounding, beginning at $600,000!

We need low-rise reasonably sized and priced condos with central elevators. 

Traffic through the village on Roberts/Chamblee Dunwoody can take 10-15 minutes to get through the lights, with cars lined up for blocks. Turn lights and lanes are needed, light times adjusted and streets widened to add a lane on either side. Adding townhouses, buildings for future businesses and space for activities will bring more cars. Better to plan for that traffic now.

A recently renovated building on Ashford-Dunwoody Road houses the city offices. Why spend more money on another building? The library and arts center comprise considerable land space. Moving that to the City Center could mean at least a two-story building with a central elevator, the lower floor for an expanded library, and an upper floor for the arts center with a gallery. It could fit nicely on the back side with the post office.

I hope the few remaining trees will remain, especially the “senior” trees near Fresh Market. They’re landmarks that deserve green space.

Barbara Schneider


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