If the coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s that there are far more “journalists” who are medical experts than we could have imagined. Especially if you consider the recent opinion articles in the Johns Creek Herald, along with pretty much anything coming from CNN, it seems that more and more “journalists” are experts on not just the virus, but apparently everything — and they’re more knowledgeable than everyone other than the single source they decide to cite.

In their eyes, doctors can’t have differences of opinion. It’s their medical professional’s view, or you’re not a medical professional, similar to Joe Biden’s statement that blacks must vote Democrat, otherwise “you ain’t black.”

These “reporters of truth” label anything contrary to their fearmongering agenda as conspiratorial, racist and evil because they know that if the people are presented with the truth and empowered to make their own decisions, they won’t fall for these fear tactics. They have turned independent business owners and families into dependents of government support. And worse yet, anyone who dares voice an opposing perspective is cruelly labeled and lumped into a basket of deplorables with anyone else who disagrees.

That’s because they only see their side of the coin and close their eyes to the way the majority of America has been greatly impacted by this virus. The hardworking citizens forced to upend their lives and shuffle into the unemployment line know a hell of a lot more about it than a “twit” “journalist” hiding behind a keyboard.

If these journalists can look into the eyes of the millions of Americans whose lives have been devastated and stand by the material they’re publishing, then “they are unbelievably callous.” And it goes without saying, they’re “damn sure” not a “journalist.”

-Ryan Robertson

Johns Creek

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You speak the truth!! Thank you! Johns creek herald is just another liberal propaganda rag.

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