With a summer bridge project shutting down a section of Birmingham Road, overnight I’ve seen my quiet little corner of Milton — Henderson Road — become a detour de force. 

The houses on Henderson are older and set close to the mile-long street. We’ve lived on Henderson for 21 years, raising three children, including an autistic daughter who, if the mood struck (and we didn’t have bolts on the doors), would, just for kicks, go play in traffic. 

From the look of things, that’s what we’re going to be doing this summer, playing in traffic. 

On day one, the dog and I turned back from our morning walk — it’s no picnic strolling down what has suddenly morphed into Ga. 400. We dove into poison ivy-filled ditches, losing our game of chicken with cars whizzing by at 55 miles per hour, all before 7:30 a.m. (Note: The speed limit is 35.)

There are families in these homes that folks are zooming by. And so I’m asking, politely, for good manners from our warm weather guests. A little less speed, a little more respect? 

As for the City of Milton, I’ve appreciated the occasional patrol car to subdue the storm. Keep them coming. 

My family and I don’t mind sharing Henderson. (Who knows, we may even hand out cold Cokes to idling traffic out front during rush hour. One must find pleasure where one can.) So, happy to host, happy to have you, just do us the honor of remembering we’re here.

— Laura Boggs, Milton 

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