Dear Vietnam Vets and Vets of all the wars you’ve fought to protect our liberty and freedoms:

After yesterday’s 8 a.m. meeting with the Roswell Mayor and Council, a number of Vets and other interested individuals contacted me about my comments on the meeting.

Foremost in my mind, since the Mayor chose to so rudely call me a liar concerning the Covenant the Vietnam Veterans Committee, the City of Roswell, including the Recreation Parks Department, made concerning the Faces of War Monument and Memorial Park, let me address that.

The Mayor said because there was no written agreement, it was not a binding Covenant.

Not being trained as a loophole-seeking attorney, only as a licensed architect/master planner with national accreditation, I went to another authority on Covenants. Daniel Webster defines “covenant” as a binding and solemn agreement to do or keep from doing a specific thing – does not mention it has to be in writing.

This is a binding and solemn agreement between the City of Roswell, the original Vietnam Veterans Committee, and the City’s Recreation and Parks Department (which Joe Glover is aware of). One of the active Nam Vets on that committee was Michael Sullivan, a prominent attorney and, at the time the Covenant was made, the head of the City of Roswell’s Legal Department.

I will admit no one involved in their wildest imagination thought their sacred Memorial would ever be moved, and the bloodstained brick walkways crisscrossing the Memorial Park would be disinterred to make way for a treeless party space. Final point - I don’t know many folks interested in a better view of the backside of City Hall – most people I know are much more interested in what goes on inside. This is not a battle the valiant Vets and their dead buddies should have to be fighting for.

Zachary W. Henderson

Faces of War planner/architect

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