Dear Editor:

I read your article [last] week on community awareness of the “biting snakes” and the “fatal wounds” you or your pet may die of.

I don’t understand the ignorance of people.

You throw this ridiculous news story about the attack of the copperhead and now everybody is on edge and ready to chop the head off the first snake they see in their backyard.

Firstly, snakes are protected in Georgia.

If it’s not a venomous snake and you kill it, you can be hit with a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.

That law is in place for a reason: Snakes are so very important for the ecosystem because they feed on rodents and insects.

Whether you like them or not, they are very important.

Therefore, fuelling the fear in people that already exists is pathetic.

When a copperhead strikes to protect itself, it does not release enough venom to kill anybody.

Snakes are very afraid and will slither away before attacking anything.

We found a copperhead at the entrance to our basement door.

My husband put it in a container and released it up the road.

He is no snake expert and nobody was harmed in the process.

And surprisingly, we have not had another one since. No hatchlings were left behind to invade our yard ready to strike my cat and dogs at first chance.

If you encounter a snake, retreat and wait until it moves along.

During the summer, snakes tend to avoid open areas during the hottest part of the day.

So just stay out of the bushes or wear big boots.

And how many pets do you know of that are being attacked by snakes?

I am 36 years old, I have had so many pets, I grew up on a small holding and never have I had a pet attacked by a snake.

And if my pet was attacked, I’d run it to the vet, have it treated accordingly and it would live.

So hold your horses on keeping your poor little kitty inside.

It learned its lesson and next time it sees a slithering beast, it will run away instead of trying to catch it.

Snakes are wonderful and an important part of the ecosystem.

Natasha Pevey

Cumming, Ga.

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