My response to the Dunwoody Charter Commission’s proposal to allow city officials to implement “emergency powers” was one of disbelief. 

How could they think that this would be a good idea? There are so many ways that this would lead to catastrophic failure (both to our personal liberties and to the political futures of those involved). 

What event would trigger it? And, more importantly, what power would they have? With our current experiences with our city council, I can assure you that it won’t be good. And with only three council members voting for this so-called “state of emergency,” it makes Dunwoody look like a banana republic with a ruling junta in charge.

It seems to me that we should be making local government less intrusive and less overbearing, not more. Let us just hope that the citizens of Dunwoody send this proposal down in flaming, agonizing defeat.

Price Potter, Dunwoody

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