The is in response to Ray Appen’s, “Should we save local journalism? Do we care?”

I delivered papers, Chicago Tribune and Sun Times, when I was in 5th grade. Back when paperboys were the first entry into the labor pool. I lived in northern Illinois and the cold was a significant deterrent to a kid-on-a-bike. But I did that job, morning delivery. I believed in newspapers. I read them and became sentimentally attached to the idea of papers. 

I subscribed to the AJC even when the price got ridiculous because I believed in a watchdog press. The Atlanta school scandal was a good example of investigative reporting. I began to see the subscription price as “the price for a vigilant press.” I believed in that.

Lately, however, I’m missing from the paper. My views. My questions. My stories. Missing.

Something has happened to journalism. It’s disappeared. It’s disappeared by the choice of a spin word. It’s disappeared by the absence of questions I would ask. It’s disappeared by the stories not covered. 

Your coverage of the JC Police Chief was an example of poor reporting. I’m opposed to BLM. I view a BLM sign like a Jew would view a Swastika. The press should be protecting us from this. At least an ally in a fair and balanced world. Real journalists would press the issue from both sides. 

I’m cancelled my subscription to the AJC for their bias reporting. Your paper is liberal too. You need more conservatives on your staff and a few pro-Trumpers for balance and to ask the questions that go unasked. I doubt that I will ever come back to these local papers. 

I’m a big history guy. This ethnic cleansing of Confederate monuments gets no balanced coverage including your paper. Revisionist history is not history. Apparently, no one is really concerned about history, just poke a finger in the eye of someone who cares. Where is the outrage? I feel like the one being discriminated against. I feel the victim of intolerance. Where is the press to defend me?

I care about journalism. The seeds of destruction are sewn by the papers themselves. They have lost credibility and joined the ranks of polarization and bias. 

BTW, I’ve done the AT from Georgia to Maine. 

That’s my rant.

Richard Beggs, Johns Creek

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Amen!! This paper is so liberal. Where’s true journalism? Gone, apparently.

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