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Letter: Was poll worker really out of line?

RE: “White Forsyth man draws attention to support black cause”

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This letter is in response to the article “White Forsyth man draws attention to support black cause”


The article in the Herald’s Nov 5 issue took at face value the partially biographical story of Zack Arias beginning with his being asked to remove a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt at the Sharon Springs poll before voting. Mr. Arias’ position held that “Black Lives Matter” was not a political statement in violation of electioneering rules at polls.

The author shares Mr. Arias’ personal experience as a Forsyth County resident who witnessed racially insensitive behavior and discriminatory policies but failed to offer further context or an alternative perspective. Could it be that Mr. Arias is the one who is biased, and the poll worker was right to ask him to remove the shirt? Even though the sentiment embodied in the phrase “Black Lives Matter” really has no opposition, it is also true that the Black Lives Matter organization that coined the phrase is extremely political. The organization’s original website explicitly stated political positions of an extreme nature and was edited significantly once scrutiny of it was applied earlier this year.

One of its founders, Patrice Cullers, described herself and one of her co-founders as “trained Marxists.” Hitting the Donate button on their site takes you to, a financial clearing house for democratic party operations. Simultaneously, there were numerous reports of voters wearing MAGA hats not being allowed to wear them when voting. “Make America Great Again” is an innocuous statement on its own, but it is certainly attached to a particular political campaign, and removing the hats can reasonably be seen as a correct decision by poll site managers who would ask wearers to remove them. Could that Sharon Springs poll worker also have been correct in her original judgement?

Rex Elliott

Johns Creek

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