It is disheartening to see mask use propaganda in your newspaper and people’s response to those that are not sick, and choose not to wear a mask.

The facts are clear that they do help if you are sick to prevent others from getting infected. However, what you are not saying is that these homemade cloth masks do nearly nothing compared to the N95 masks (which is what the data in your paper is based on from Dr. Tom) to prevent you from getting it from others.

Social distancing is still the key. Wearing these pieces of cloth is giving people a false sense of security as if they are now protected, when they are not. They then get too close to others and are spreading the virus even faster. That’s why we are seeing spikes in younger people due to the “protests.”

So people, wearing a mask is good if you wear the good one’s, but please stop thinking the world is coming to an end if I choose not to wear one and keep my distance from you. I appreciate you keeping your distance from me too.

Ryan Rogusky, Alpharetta

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