As the holiday season approaches, it is a time of joy to be with friends and family that we may have not seen in a while. Also remember it can be a time of sorrow.

There are those that don’t have anyone. They may have lost a loved one or they may being trying to figure out how to provide a Christmas for their family and be out of work due to Covid. So, when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, stop and just take a breath. Smile behind your mask it will show through. Hold the door open for someone. When a person is holding up the line counting out change, know it might be all they have.

Be patient. You will get where you need to go. Buy a drink for the person behind you. Say hi to a stranger. The greatest gift you can give is of yourself and time. Volunteer if you can.

Above all in this crazy year let’s finish it as the best version of ourselves and remember what the holidays are all about. Giving thanks, being kind and above all, grace. God bless and a safe rest of the year.

Chad Parker


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