COVID-19 has impacted us all. I am grateful for how our city, our NGO’s, and our faith-based community continues to respond. The YMCA has programs to facilitate virtual learning. The City of Alpharetta has installed additional programming to allow moms and dads to drop their little ones off. Those kids can take a variety of classes, so mom and dad can work. But there remains a dark underlying issue.

Alpharetta has schools within a few blocks of downtown with nearly a third of children on free and reduced lunch. I don’t write you as a Democrat or a Republican, or an elected official at all. I write to you as a public servant and a dad. Food insecurity is a need that will be solved by this community. We do not solve a lot of problems as individuals or as a city. But we have an opportunity to do something meaningful for the 27 square miles we call home.

If we as residents of Alpharetta all look out for the three feet right in front of us, we can collectively impact every one of these families. If you would consider going to and donating, it’ll make a difference. Every dollar raised for the foreseeable future will go directly to procuring gift cards for grocery needs. Those gift cards will be delivered to the principals and counselors, and be distributed to families in need. 

To date a few of the area churches have begun to donate, but our needs won’t be solved unless the masses choose to like and share on social media and donate as well. 

I need your help.

Ben Burnett, Alpharetta City Council, @benburnett 

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