While an outright ban might be a little extreme, I am definitely against pineapple pizza on my personal palate. 

Many who share my position are grossed out by the thought of cooking an acidic fruit on top of cheese, tomato sauce and bread. And when you describe it in that way, it does not sound too appealing. 

While I do not particularly care for the taste, my true gripe with pineapple on pizza is that good pizza, I mean really good pizza, does not need any toppings. 

Give me a great tasting dough cooked crispy, high-quality mozzarella, a well-spiced tomato sauce that is neither sweet like ketchup or an acidic punch like tomato paste, maybe a little bit of basil and I argue, what else do you need? 

Throw pineapple on that is superfluous and ruinous. 

Now I am not just someone with an opinion on the matter. As a former professional cook who spent many years making pizzas, I have tried just about every combination of toppings imaginable. The Cornish game hen and blueberry compote pie was a particular standout in the “unusual toppings” category. 

Now, I say to each their own when it comes to what toppings they want. But I stand firm that, for me, pineapple will not be one of them. 

I will argue that good pizza does not need fruits, vegetables or even meat to be good pizza. Good pizza is just that. 

Also, the Cornish game hen/blueberry compote pizza wasn’t too bad.

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