Have you ever walked into someone else’s closet and been overwhelmed with how many pairs of shoes they have?

It’s OK if that closet was your own, because that’s how mine is.

I have to admit, I do have nightmares that I die from a shoe avalanche upon entering my closet.

That is a risk I’m willing to take because I love shoes.

Some might say I have an addiction, a “problem” or a slight hoarding habit. 

But I just cannot buy enough shoes.

When I find a pair I like, I tend to buy it in multiple colors, “just in case” the style goes away or to match any possible clothing I may pair them with.

To me, shoes make more than an outfit.

They keep you steady on your feet. You’ll likely never grow out of them if your weight fluctuates. Shoes are the perfect confidence boost and conversation starter.

That’s all to say, shoes aren’t perfect. I have wide feet (thanks, genetics!) and that can make my habit a bit more difficult to sustain. 

I can’t wear certain brands like Converse because they rub the sides of my feet raw, and I have to be careful that I have enough space in my toe box or else my toenails will protest. 

But, boy, do I love a challenge, so that doesn’t stop me too often.

This summer I found out I can fit into the largest size of youth shoes. What a mistake that was for my wallet, even though the smaller accessories tend to cost less.

My mom warns me all the time about how important it is to wear proper foot attire because my feet will either thank or hate me later.

Sure, mom.

I will make sure I only buy shoes that will support my feet. But, I will make no promises on only buying one pair, especially if they come in multiple colors.

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