Kirk Driskell of Vision Warriors.

If you have not experienced a personal loss resulting from the current epidemic of opioid addiction, you may be totally unaware of who is being affected by the rampant and indiscriminate destruction around us. 

Individually, more people die from prescription drug use every three days in America than all of those who died in 9/11. If this epidemic were a terrorist plot – if these deaths were the result of an act of war by a known enemy, the outcry would be loud and long. The death toll would rank it as the most successful terrorist action ever waged in the free world. 

The poorly informed assume that those affected are the disadvantaged dregs of society. People who by their own sad self-indulgence, fuel the proliferation of these poisons. We might find it easy to believe that we are safe, that the failure to avoid addiction is the moral defeat of the weak. Instead it is now the leading cause of death in people under 50 in the US.

Clearly federal leadership is lagging far behind. Why? Because the makers of opioids have spent more than $800 million lobbying our legislators into indifference…and submission.  To offer some scope, the heavily funded gun lobby spent only $100 million in the same period.

In this war, we are part of the solution or we are blindly leaving our husbands, daughters, sons and brothers at great risk; and now increasingly our grandparents. 

Kirk Driskell has shown uncommon courage in waging his own resources to reclaim not just the addicted but their families as well.  Kirk is a highly respected business person in North Fulton and a longtime member of the Rotary Club. Currently Kirk is leading thousands Rotarians worldwide from an elected position of international prominence.

Kirk’s heart for service has led him to create “WAR ON”, a faith centered program for the healthy and responsible incubation of individuals new to recovery. Vision Warriors itself is the live in environment for newly recovered men. There they provide broad access to support strategies for repairing the damage to trust that may exist in all previous relationships. 

The final success rates after this support is provided are comparable to the best programs in the world. Kirk believes that integrating family members into a support network he calls “We-Covery” is the key. Whole families meet together frequently for a day of food, fun, faith and forgiveness. What they learn from other families strengthens the process for everyone at every stage of healing. 

Make no mistake, “WAR ON” is in the restoration business. The “We-Covery” events remind everyone to live in appreciation of one another and the gift of family unity. Every child can be empowered to recognize the contribution that their love and forgiveness adds to strengthening the entire family.

This very intentional program has been built in the interest of others; a place of open minds and open hearts for people trying to find the road back home. That road returns them to us alive and well as an asset to the community. 

Be a part of that success.

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