2019 was another wonderfully busy year in the City of Cumming, and we are looking forward to even more great things in 2020.


Each new year provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon our achievements and plan for success in the coming year. The new decade is upon us, and 2020 will be an exciting year for the City of Milton as we continue to deliver on our promises and improve the quality of life for our citizens.

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The year 2019 has been a great year for Fulton County Schools, and particularly for the amazing students, teachers and community in North Fulton. It is an honor to represent District 5 where I remain focused on providing opportunities for all kids to succeed in their chosen pathways.  


This is our championship moment. Similar to any championship team, our ascent was born out of careful, intense preparation. We are on the brink of what is sure to be an exceptional, new decade.

There is nothing like the groundbreaking of a new building to put one in mind of the future and expectations of what is to come. Recently, construction ceremonies held for both the new Crabapple Middle School and the Innovation Academy helped set the stage for Fulton County Schools in 2020. …


As Roswell’s mayor, I am excited and proud to serve our community on a daily basis. Roswell is a vibrant, diverse city that is thriving. We are moving forward and 2020 is going to be another great year for us.

As 2019 comes to an end, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to reflect on a few of Fulton County’s accomplishments during the past year. There is plenty to be proud of, and I look forward to continuing our momentum throughout the coming year.


Those of us fortunate enough to call Alpharetta home can look back on 2019 as another wonderful year for our city. And as we look ahead to 2020, we have every reason to hope the new year we will be even better.

One of the first steps in taking action on behalf of others is finding an organization whose work is sustainable. Trying hard — even very real effort — is not necessarily resulting in help to anyone; good intentions are not always good deeds. 

On March 23, 1858, Milton County was officially established and roughly covered the area presently known as North Fulton with Alpharetta designated as the Milton County seat. Milton County encompassed the present-day cities of Milton, Johns Creek, Mountain Park, and parts of Roswell and Sand…

This year, the Georgia Trustees Wine & Spirits Challenge had entries from seven of the state’s 19 distilleries. Georgia wineries, cideries, and meaderies also participated. Gold and Silver award winning products will be poured at the annual banquet, slated this year at the fabulous Metro…

After Hiroshima, it was said: “The world now accepts the miracle of the chain reaction that creates an atomic explosion; but we still refuse to accept the miracles of the human heart - and the chain reactions that are made possible by using that power.”

Our children return to the new school year asking an impossible question: “What will you do to keep me safe?” Instead of looking forward to the excitement of returning to school, students are worrying for their safety. The threat of gun violence has become a daily reality in our lives, gripp…

Many charitable organizations focus on one area of need, but The Assistance League, formed in California in 1919, tackles many at once, very successfully. 

Every tale of adventure is the expression of a hero’s battle against overwhelming odds — a drama of the oppositional forces to the achievement of a worthy goal. Sometimes it’s dragons, sometimes it’s an evil empire, but it’s always...difficult.  

I must admit I am somewhat addicted to being useful.  Some of us gain our identity from our title, or what we own, or our ethnic or religious origins;  but some of us – like me, identify with being able to constructively influence the present, and thereby the future.   It is still enlightene…

In our current political climate, aggressively seeking positive solutions and change could look like anarchy.  The despair and uncertainty we can feel rarely yields ideas.  

Imagine you could help motivate high school students in your community — those with extraordinary academic and leadership potential, who would not have access to advanced education for financial reasons. What if you could offer these kids an education at one of our great colleges at no expen…

Unlike a typical dance school, stepping through the doors of Metropolitan Ballet Theatre reveals an unexpected atmosphere of calm and warmth. No cell phones, they have been placed in a basket at the front desk. Interaction with friends here is real, not virtual. 

Erin was a gentle, sensitive girl just slightly different in her manner than other kids her age … now because of that small variance, she is gone. She took her life at 17. 

If you have not experienced a personal loss resulting from the current epidemic of opioid addiction, you may be totally unaware of who is being affected by the rampant and indiscriminate destruction around us. 

Public safety and emergency response. These are the most important responsibilities of any city government. As one of the safest cities in Georgia, these are a well-deserved point of pride and sense of security for Johns Creek residents.

This week is American Craft Beer Week, a national celebration of small and independent craft brewers throughout the U.S. and the powerful impact they are having on cities and regions across the country.

Every other Tuesday morning, veterans gather at the Original Pancake House in Alpharetta to discuss strategy. Over scrambled eggs and mounds of bacon, veteran advocates, charity representatives and business leaders gather informally in groups large and small. And with carafes of good hot cof…

I often find myself dreading the thought of meeting someone new or running into someone I haven’t seen in years. I came to learn that more often than not, I’m almost always immediately hit with the default question: “What do you do?”

I have been thinking about the mass shooting in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School non-stop, and I will admit to feeling emotional about it. As a parent, an educator and one who has responsibility for our schools – 97,000 students and 14,000 staff members – I worry about the pot…

My favorite part about the start of a new year is the chance it gives us to reflect on all that’s been accomplished the past 12 months and look forward to what’s ahead in the coming year.