Ensemble Award

I joined the Georgia Ensemble Theatre Board of Trustees a little over a year ago. It is a joy and a privilege to support such a wonderful professional theater company with 27 years of roots in the Roswell community. 

Everything about Georgia Ensemble screams of the thing we all need more of in our lives. It is a moment in time away from life’s burdens. It is an opportunity to let your mind wander. It is a snapshot into the raw beauty of human beings and the art they are capable of.

For years, the theater has been a resident of the Roswell Cultural Arts Center in the heart of the city and a stone’s throw from City Hall. 

With your help, we can keep it that way.

I got an email a couple of days ago from Anita Farley, the Theatre’s co-founder, with a call to action. 

The City of Roswell is holding a series of listening and learning workshops to gather the public’s input on a vision for Roswell’s future. Presumably, based on that, the city’s staff and City Council will develop a strategic plan to mold the city’s future. 

This means that where your tax dollars are spent, what projects receive priority and timelines for implementation — all of that is up for discussion before the decisions are made. 

The time to get involved is now. 

Farley said that if you feel Georgia Ensemble Theatre is a key piece of the city’s arts and culture scene, then express those feelings at one of these meetings (see box).

If you cannot attend any of these events in person, please send your mayor and City Council members an email. I know they read them and take them seriously.

• Lori Henry, Mayor, mayorhenry@


Marcelo Zapata, mzapata@roswellgov.com

Mike Palermo, mpalermo@roswellgov.com

• Sean Groer, sgroer@roswellgov.com

Marie Willsey, mwillsey@roswellgov.com

• Matthew Tyser, mtyser@roswellgov.com

• Matt Judy, mjudy@roswellgov.com

All you need to tell them is what Georgia Ensemble means to you and why you think it should be an integral part of Roswell’s future.

Lastly, while I’ve got your attention, the 2019-20 lineup of shows is poised to be the biggest yet. Make sure to buy tickets to a few of the shows or join me in becoming a season ticket holder. 

Support local arts because we’re a better city for it.

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