Confessions of a control freak in a world of chaos

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As an admitted control freak, this time of unprecedented uncertainty is creating entirely new levels of stress.

We don’t know how long this will last. We don’t know how many lives will be lost. We don’t know how many jobs will be lost. We don’t know when we will see aging parents or new grandbabies. We don’t know how much economic damage will be done or what recovery will look like.

If uncertainty is challenging, this time of chaos sometimes seems impossible to navigate… and social isolation exacerbates it all.

So, I focus on what I do know.

I know we are resilient. We thrive when we connect with one another and communicate often… even virtually.

For as much as we want answers, we need honesty and authenticity, even when the answer is, “I truly don’t know.”

We seem kinder somehow, and we truly celebrate and share the good news of humans helping humans. Businesses who were competitors yesterday are working together today to create technology that will help solve this world’s problem.

Businesses who made cars yesterday have pivoted and are making ventilators today because it is the right thing to do.

Businesses will work together for the greater good. Humans will work together for the greater good.

When we are ready to restart the economy, I know we will succeed together.

How will that future look? I truly don’t know…

… but I am ready to play my part.

Kali Boatright

President & CEO

Greater North Fulton Chamber

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