So, how about a really good feel good story for the holidays – a local store writing 31 separate $1,000 checks during December.

That is one check every day of the month – to worthy local charitable organizations and people in need.

Chuck Palmer, founder of Alpharetta Outfitters, has never been one to take the easy road which is one of the reasons that he opened his Alpharetta Outfitters store about five years ago.

He did this despite of the fact that his competition then as now would be such national chains such as REI and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Not only did Palmer step into a very competitive market but he also committed from the beginning to give away every penny of profit produced by his store to charities. Five years later he is still doing it.

Now he wants to go even further and commit to a program that has him writing 31 $1,000 checks during December 2014 with no conditions.

He just needs to find 31 organizations and people to write the checks to.

Palmer, who also owns Palmer Dodge, now concentrates his time and efforts on turning his outfitters store into a vehicle – pun intended – for helping others.

According to Palmer one of the challenges with his project is simply finding the right charities to support, especially identifying local ones.

So he turned to Appen Media to help him.

“I know that I can reach North Fulton effectively with Appen and if anyone can reach people who either need help or can point out those that do, it would be Appen,” he said.

Publisher Ray Appen met with Palmer and was persuaded “in about 15 seconds” – according to Appen – to help Palmer identify the charities and people in need.

Beginning Dec. 1 the name of the recipient selected will be announced – one each day.

We at Appen Media Group also plan to use the list that Chuck assembles in this effort as a list of worthy organizations that we can try to help during the course of the year. This might be by direct fund raising, publicity, marketing – any way at our disposal.

This to me is a cool outreach that Alpharetta Outfitters is doing. And I for one am proud of them and the example that they are setting with this effort. They put their money where their mouths are.

Or to quote Matthew: “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”

For questions about this effort contact Alpharetta Outfitters thru its website They are located at 79 South Main St., Alpharetta, Georgia 30009.

Ray is the Publisher Emeritus for Appen Media and the Herald newspapers.

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