Branch developers are draining a beautiful manmade retention pond to put up a bigger parking lot in their new development on Ashford Dunwoody across from Walmart where the former PF Chang’s used to be. EPA regulations protect wildlife habitats, but not manmade storm drains. The developers of the Braves stadium set a precedent of being good stewards by relocating the wildlife habitat they disturbed.

Community volunteers were ready to trap and relocate the pond’s wildlife that could not fly away on their own, such as reptiles & amphibians, but Branch developers forbid it for liability & “disease” reasons.

Volunteers can sign a waiver of liability.

As for disease & contamination??? A privately hired ecology consulting group reported the wildlife there as diseased and contaminated, but there are no blood tests confirming as such. All the water systems feed in and out of Nancy Creek on to the Chattahoochee...all the same cooties. The remaining trapped wildlife will die a slow death.

There has been much discussion of this issue in the “Dunwoody Area Community Forum” on Facebook. Please take a moment to read the entire thread with photos.

The fate of the trapped wildlife is at the mercy of the Branch developers. Concerned citizens, please contact the decision makers at Branch with your concerns. Their contact info, one of whom is a Dunwoody resident, is listed on their website:

Going forward, Dunwoody officials intend to protect such wildlife habitats and keep green space as our concrete jungle expands. Let’s continue to be a voice for the voiceless. The demise of this habitat and green space lost is an unfortunate loophole. 

I will miss driving by this lovely pond, so pretty at night, especially in winter with its reflections. Driving by tonight, there are geese sitting on top of the tall dirt mound observing us.

By the way, Lake Lanier is a man made retention pond too...the world’s largest.

Joni Mitchell said it best…“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

-Hannah Wildner


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