I have a tendency to get caught up in the crisis of the day or, in these times, the crises of the day in the world. I have long been a history and political science aficionado, so the times that we are living in might be seen as the apex – short of major war – of worldwide disruption. Think Egypt, Libya, the “Arab Spring” in general, on-going world financial issues, political parties unable to work together or make decisions, the national debt, foreclosures, unemployment, a few major natural disasters and now the “occupy movement.” It makes my head spin and is overwhelming. But when I get like this, I remember that there is a lot that I can control and contribute if I just look in front of me.

I want to share is a few simple letters written by people who live here who are just thankful to have been able to feed their children or keep their lights turned on. And the other part of that story would be the goodness, generosity and kindness that have been exhibited by you and your neighbors through North Fulton Community Charities. If you feel like a ship in rough seas at times, then perhaps these thoughts can help you. They helped me.

In these hard times, we need to remember who we are and what our priorities are. We cannot forget that we have the power to help the person who lives next door or the person who goes to our church, temple or mosque and doesn’t know how they are going to get through the next week. Small acts of kindness to some can make all the difference. You just don’t know how important it can be until you are on the receiving end. And, in a world that sometimes seems to be in total chaos, it just may be the way we take back control one person at a time.

The following are letters that are in the North Fulton Community Charities newsletter.

To the North Fulton Community Charities:

God Bless You!!!! Recently I fell upon a difficult situation. Through a community liaison I was directed to your organization. When I arrived at the building, I was distraught and embarrassed. How did I arrive at this point in my life that I needed assistance? I have always been the one who helped others. I was humbled.

Your organization gave me assistance, and I was treated with dignity. The volunteers were discreet and compassionate. Their work has not gone unnoticed. I am very appreciative.


A grateful community member


Thank You

My daughter and I thank you so very much for the food yesterday! When my name was called and I saw the bags of food, I could not believe it! I am not a meat eater, and there were tofu veggie patties in the bag! My daughter enjoyed the groceries tremendously. She was able to prepare a lunch bag. I even cooked hamburgers from the organic ground beef. It was a wonderful blessing, and I will never forget it! I was smiling and crying at the same time as I placed the bags in the car.

By faith,



Dog Tags

by Michele Armstrong, front desk coordinator

Maria came for help with food and brought a new neighbor. When I looked her up in the computer, I saw that she hadn’t been here since 2008! I congratulated her for doing so well! But before I could ask her to update or anything, she pulled out these dog tags from her purse and started to cry. Maria explained that she was indebted to NFCC.

“Together with NFCC, I raised my boys who now serve our country. This place has furnished me and my boys with food when my cabinets were bare. This place helped me financially when I didn’t have enough. If it weren’t for this place, I don’t know where my boys would be today. School supplies, money, food, Christmas, clothes!”

Maria went on to tell me that one of her sons had just returned home from Afghanistan. The other is still serving in Afghanistan. At this point, she was crying (so was I), and she said that as a Mom she was forever grateful for all the help she has received at NFCC.


“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.” -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It is always better, no matter what excuse there is for not being kind, to be kind. To be loving.” -- Viggo Mortensen being interviewed about his role in the movie “The Road”


As we approach the holidays, let’s not forget that we can make a difference in the lives of someone else. The gift that we give in reality though, is a gift that we are giving ourselves.

North Fulton Community Charities is located in Roswell just off Highway 9 and has provided assistance for thousands and thousands of people in need up here on the Northside. They are wonderful, giving people and worth getting to know. They’ll welcome you into their family when you offer to volunteer, to donate or to participate in some way. If you need companionship or just someone to talk to and want to help, this is a wonderful avenue! The website is http://www.nfcchelp.org

and their phone number is 770-640-0399

. They serve all the northside area including Alpharetta, Roswell, Johnscreek, Milton, Forsyth and more.

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