Captio is a free App for the Apple iPhone and the iPad. With Captio you "can send yourself a quick note with just one tap". It is simple, reliable, and really fast. Essentially Captio is a pre-addressed email that is just waiting for you to input the copy you want to send and then hit "send". I actually use it in conjunction with Dragon Dictation where by I will dictate a note to myself using Dragon and then copy it to Captio and hit send and the pre-addressed message with the pre-addressed subject line is just a single tap.

That is about all there is to it but, again, it saves you the trouble of addressing the email address and the subject because you have already programed that.

I know, too much time on your hands Appen. Well, probably, but it is entertaining and sometimes I actually do save time with these time-saving little Apps.

For more information you can go here:

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