While I agree there is no place for rudeness, very little honking actually falls in that category. No one wants to be honked at, so all honking tends to be classified as rude. That said, horns are on cars for a reason.

Today, distracted driving is a national safety crisis. The smart phone gets blamed for most, but the myriad of advanced technologies inside cars today is also a cause. Distracted drivers need to be honked at and ticketed, even if they’re stopped!

Another chronic problem I will call “unpredictable driving courtesies.”

Example 1:  When a car stops and waves an oncoming car to turn left in front of them, not considering the car or cars in the lanes to their right which may not see that a car is about to cross in front of them… leading to an accident or sudden stopping of two lanes of traffic and a multi vehicle pile-up. People who illegally wave others through and those who take that bait need to be honked at and ticketed.

Example 2: “Merge means merge” it does not mean “stop,” and can lead to dangerous consequences. People who cannot safely navigate a merge at an appropriate speed need to be honked at and ticketed.

Example 3: Cars that turn left using the center lane immediately following a stop light or stop sign. That center lane is for a left turn at the light for oncoming traffic, not for you to use to turn into the drug store or church. That needs to be honked at and ticketed.

Stopping or slowing a vehicle in ways that are unpredictable and disrupt natural traffic flow is dangerous. Lights and horns are how we communicate intentions and how we are seen on the roadways.

I conclude with these famous “5 seeing eye habits”

- Aim high in steering

- Get the big picture 

- Keep your eyes moving

- Leave yourself an out

- Make sure they see you (honk)

None of these habits suggest staring at gadgets, socializing, dozing off, eating or doing makeup etc. while driving.

Hugh Allen


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