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An open letter to our readers and neighbors

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During this difficult time —health-wise and economically — recall how our country has responded in the past when the chips were down and our families, neighbors, friends and allies were in harm’s way.

We took care of each other.

We didn’t run. We didn’t give up. We stood our ground and we found a way to get through every crisis we have faced — together.

Crisis seems to always bring out the best in us — our values, our compassion, our resolve. Over and over, our response to the threats defines who we are. We persevere.

We always will.

We take action. We help each other.

Appen Media Group is continuing to publish. Much of our staff is working remotely. Our delivery carriers continue to distribute 93,000 newspapers to your driveway every week. If you see one of them, give them a wave. Or if you can, tell them you appreciate what they do.

Our news staff continues to report — to seek out the vital news you need and news that gives us reason for hope and inspiration. We created a COVID-19 page on our website,, for our latest updates and stories.

We are focused on doing everything humanly possible to help our readers and families, their businesses, our staff and this community. Times are as difficult for us as they are for you — personally or professionally — but we will persevere and be as big a part of “the solution” as we can. Your support of our advertisers is critical. Tell them we sent you!

How you can help — right now:

Of course, we all must abide by the required health-related measures in place and those to come. On the economic side, with thousands now without jobs and thousands of businesses at risk, there are many steps we can and should take to address the economic crisis we face. Here are just a few ideas:

1. As you are able, keep spending money with your local businesses. Try to avoid buying on Amazon if you can buy locally. Your local businesses are still there, trying to stay open and employ your neighbors. A large percentage — from restaurants to retail stores — are still open via curbside pick-up or delivery. Buy gift cards from them or shop with them, maintaining proper social distance, on your way to or from the grocery store.

2. Look out for your neighbors — the shut-ins, the older folks, those close by. Phone them. Text them. Be there for them. Your voice, your presence, your smile and your attitude will shine through like a beacon on a dark night. It can make a world of difference. Take the time.

3. As you are able, please order take-out or delivery from your local favorite restaurants at least once or twice a week. Most are still open for take-out and delivery. They are desperately trying to generate enough revenue to survive. They employee many people.

4. With good judgement and within reason — and keeping social distance — don’t cancel services or projects at your home that were on your to-do list. Its spring! Move forward. This crisis will pass. As you are able, spend the money with them. So many people are employed in service-related businesses.

5. Thousands of people who have lost their jobs will be looking for help in feeding their children, keeping the lights and water on, and just surviving. Donating to North Fulton Community Charities or your place of worship are some of the best ways to help. Make a financial donation now to North Fulton Community Charities online at or you can mail a check to North Fulton Community Charities, Attention Executive Director Holly York, 11270 Elkins Rd, Roswell, GA 30076. Giving cash is the best way to help right now, but they are also accepting food, clothing and other essentials.

We are going to make it through this crisis. It may take a while, but it is going to be ok. But right now, we all need to pick up an oar and row like never before.

Keep rowing!

All our best,

The Appen Family


Hans is Publisher of Appen Media Group and oversees all operations of the multimedia news company headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.

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