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Everybody likes a good deal. I know that I do, especially when I’m looking for a new sofa.

Yes, a sofa.

As you may know, we have just relocated here at Hacienda Hudson. Our new house has a nice flat yard for practicing my fly casting and lots of room in the basement for what my bride affectionately (right?) calls “all that fishing stuff.”

But what our new house does not have is a suitable sofa.

A house without a sofa is like a day without sunshine. Sofas add greatly to one’s quality of life by providing a place for planning outdoor adventures or for taking naps, sometimes at the same time. 

I’ve noticed, during these first few sofa-less weeks in our new house, that I have not been experiencing the out-of-doors nearly as much as I did pre-move. Mostly I’ve been experiencing cardboard boxes. 

Fewer outdoor adventures…no sofa on which to sit and plan...coincidence? I think not.

“I’ve got to fix that problem,” I said to myself. So last night I started our sofa search. 

I learned one thing right away. Sofas are expensive. I could buy a bunch (a BIG bunch) of fishing stuff for the price of even a modest sofa. 

“Focus,” Wife of Mine reminds me. “Think fishing later. Now, think sofas.”

Yeah. Sofas. Maybe I’ll even find a bargain.

The fact is, I can kind of get into this sofa shopping thing. For when that new sofa is all set up in the new family room, I plan to sit right down on it and do some bargain hunting of another kind. Specifically, I’m going to think about finding some bargain-priced camping, somewhere in the out-of-doors, for I am really and truly tired of unpacking all these cardboard moving boxes.

Fortunately, this summer, the good folks at Georgia’s state parks have made finding bargains on summertime camping a little bit easier. In fact, they’re running a sort of sale.

Sure, it’s summer. Sure, it’s hot outside. But a summertime camping trip can be a blast. It can be something you’ll remember for years to come.

Here’s the short version of how this state park camping special works. If you stay overnight at a Georgia state park during June or July, you are eligible for a 50 percent discount on new camping reservations (at any state park except for Amicalola Falls State Park, which is excluded) if those reservations are booked for the month of August.

There are some details, of course. Discounts apply only to new reservations, and the camping must take place from August 1, 2019 to August 29, 2019. A two-night minimum stay is required. The discount doesn’t include group camps and can’t be used with any other offer or discount. But the special is valid every day of the week.

You’ll find that your state parks offer many other bargain opportunities too. For example, when you stay overnight at certain of our state parks, you will be able to take advantage of discounted admission to some nearby state historic sites. How might this work? Well, here’s just one possibility. If you stay overnight at F.D. Roosevelt State Park, you’ll get a discounted admission to the Little White House. Similarly, if you visit Little White House, you’re eligible for discounts on cottage rental or camping at F.D. Roosevelt State Park.

That’s just one of many savings opportunities. You’ll find plenty of others tied to parks and historic sites all across the state.

“How do we learn more about these summertime specials?” you may be asking. 

Easy. Simply visit But give yourself some time, for there are lots of possibilities to consider.

Now if it was just that simple to find a good deal on a sofa…

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