There are seemingly endless ways to have the Ford Transit Connect fit your needs.

If have a large brood to haul, the passenger version seats seven. If you are a small business owner, or a large business owner looking for fleet cars, the Transit Connect cargo offers over 100-cubic feet of space that can be decked out in a number of ways, from shelving to cabinets to tool racks and ostensibly everything in between.

But an LLC is not required to take advantage of the Transit’s capabilities. The rear area provides four large doors, over 100-cubic feet of space and endless possibilities (check out the video below).

When not using the Transit as a personal yoga studio, a place to hide from the kids to catch up on reading or, perhaps making more kids, it provides a balance of creature comforts with workman capabilities.

The Connect does not have many frills, but it does provide navigation, a 6.5-inch touchscreen, USB ports, cell phone charging and active safety features.

The work-man van is also extremely easy to drive, feeling no larger or more difficult to handle than a run-of-the-mill sedan. While the seats aren’t exactly luxurious, the ride is relaxed and relatively smooth.

The 150-horsepower engine might be want for power, but it is peppy and does not struggle to get up to highway speed. However, the eight-speed auto transmission does get flustered easily. The Transit is a good teaching tool for keeping steady pressure on the throttle, otherwise the transmission will serve up a seemingly endless stream of gear changes.

The low rear deck allows for easy loading of the cargo area, and tie downs and connection points seem to cover every imaginable space so that the aforementioned cargo stays in place.

The Transit Connect cargo van offers a plethora of opportunities, a relatively pleasant drive and amenities for a work vehicle, and it will certainly rouse your creative juices as to what you can do with over 100-cubic feet of potential uses.

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