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Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Unlike Joe Rogan, we can say whatever we want.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

Donna is going grave robbing before the bodies are even warm. She’s headed into cubicles looking for keyboards, pens and left behind medicine balls. 

It’s Alicia Keys’ street week. If you’ve been keeping up with this semi-music podcast, you’ll know that means Alicia has an album coming out. It’s also the first street week we’ve seen since the pandemic (or whatever you’d like to call it) interrupt the norm. It is the first time Caddy and Donna see an answer to their question: will the entertainment industry ever look the same? 

Then Donna takes a trip back to Ridgemont High and gives Caddy a tour of what he has missed. Hear Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston replaying a scene and taking us all down memory lane. It’s a clip from a charity read by an actor who lives down the road from Caddy and Donna. Then the show gets slapped an Explicit rating after another trip, this one up Schitt’s Creek. The Jacks use some of their podcasting perks that Jimmy Kimmel, the Emmys and Joe Rogan don’t enjoy. 

The show gets its semi-politics podcast rating on the following segment, one that covers the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s a solemn segment that is lightened with the fact that Donna loves a good fall video. And Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell obliges. 

To end the show, Caddy and Donna talk about the early stages of their relationship after a listener called in to ask about kindling. 

@atlcadillac. 7704646024. You know what to do. 

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Trazzies and Ding-a-Lings

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

Donna and Caddy are having some food fights. Donna thinks that Roscoe undervalues Boars Head. Caddy had to leave dinner the other night because of some particular taco shells. 

There is a lot of tossing and turning going on upstairs at the Jack house. On the following segment, Caddy talks through some of the possible reasons. 

Tug Cowart phones into the show to recap the Academy of Country Music Awards and play a round of You Can’t Beat Jack. That’s the new and totally original 20-second pop culture trivia contest here on My Second Act. Tune in to hear who wins and who ends up with a below-the-belt selfie. 

The show closes with a clip from Donna’s latest episode of Hustle. Listen and you’ll hear a piece of the performance from singer-songwriter Aidan Anderson.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

BONUS: Cadillac Jack and Donna recap the 2020 ACM Awards

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

Listen in as the Jacks recap the 2020 ACM Awards. 

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Five seconds of frisky Fall

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

McDonalds has gone mining. Their partnership with Travis Scott has taken a turn that, according to Caddy, is dastardly brilliant.

It all started a few months ago when the rapper blew off social distancing, pulled up in a Lamborghini and looked for a burger. Donna explains why the event’s origins might be a little different and thinks it’s the kind of marketing the money can’t buy. 

The topic blends perfectly into the best segment of My Second Act: Donna’s Appy. Hear about a new way to care and learn about your little green friends.

Selfcare has become so much more important recently but it’s also been a lot more… awkward. Some things that were once relaxing, like “Caddy Time,” can feel labored. Still, there are moments that can be savored. 

Atlanta Braves’ Freddy (?) Freeman jumped on a jet to fly home and see his son’s first T-Ball practice. The middle segment turns sentimental as Caddy and Donna reflect on the relationship between parents and children. 

Lastly Carole Baskin and Chris Evans make their way back to the show for an Entertainment News segment. The bottom line is: how low would you go, and how long would you linger there? 

Come back Saturday morning for the ACM recap. Then text Caddy about it. Just remember, it’s not where you start, it’s where you end.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

All the love languages, like d******** and funeral processions.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

The Jacks are feeling the love. That's why Donna brought five love languages to the table and forgot all the white wine. They're all covered on the first segment of the show right before Caddy “Get’s Down On It.” 


There’s an upcoming collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonalds. It’s actually a pretty big deal, as the last person to score a similar deal was Michael Jordan. All you have to do to participate is use a certain phrase in the Mickey D’s drive-thru. Caddy tried it for himself, sharing both his experience and wait time.  

The ACM Awards are coming up. There will be a bonus show covering the results, but first Donna and Caddy run through a couple previews. Luke Combs, Taylor Swift and Eric Church are all ones to watch. The debates are coming up, too, and some of the plans bode well for the podcast industry. 

The 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is cancelled. Tik Tok has been saved. Chris Evans’ pecker has seen the light of day. Donna and Caddy touch all three in today’s Entertainment News. 

Rolling out of the segment, the show covers a traditionally Southern method of paying respects before closing with a few minutes of Donna's least favorite game. 

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

BONUS: Christy and Richard Roth from Hemp Farmacy

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

As a Saturday treat, we’re releasing a special episode of Cadillac Jack: My Second Act. Christy and Richard Roth stopped in to the studio to talk with Caddy and Donna about Hemp Farmacy. Tune in to hear about CBD from the experts instead of listening to the Jacks talk about Donna’s plantar fasciitis.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

The sing-songy Second Act

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

It’s a scary show here on the My Second Act semi-music podcast. 

The first segment touches on the upcoming Halloween holiday. Wait, what? In all seriousness, Donna says that couple costumes have always been a part of the Jack’s relationship. They run through a couple of past favorites and pitch a few ideas for this year.  

Then Donna gives an update on her 141 campaign. She is charging everyone to do one new, productive thing for one month. Donna has heard from a lot of folks about their progress and wants to encourage others to take it on. 

One of the subjects Donna wants to pick up the 141 challenge is on the show today. That person is Cadillac Jack. Hear where he is on his own growth journey. 

Then Donna and Caddy hear a clip from Caddy Wagon that speaks to the question: Can you make a left on red? After Officer Ritchey gives his answer, Donna moves into the best segment of the month: Appy. 

The Appy is a great way to get discounts on medicine and other prescriptions. If you or someone in your family regularly goes to a pharmacy, make sure to listen in.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Let’s get reacquainted and play a 20 second pop culture trivia showdown.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

It’s another great show on the My Second Act semi-music podcast. This one has games, background and three advertisements. 

First of all, what’s your checkout policy? During COVID, some folks are encouraging others to check yourselves out. That’s the advice that Donna wants to listen to. Caddy has some opposing views about who should be checking out who right now. 

It’s game time in the Cadillac Jack nation. Before they play a live lightning round, Caddy and Donna introduce themselves to new listeners, providing some color for the ride they’re about to take. Familiarize yourself with backstories and the whole field of recurring characters, from Roscoe to Richard. Then, it’s time to play. 

Susan Clark chimes in to the show today to take on Caddy in a 20 second pop culture trivia game called You Can’t Beat Jack. It’s a completely original and never before done broadca- er, podcast segment where quick-fire answers are the way to win. Tune in, shout out and then text Caddy about it. 7704646024.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Cadillac Jack bounced a check to the Country Music Association

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

Donna is going back to school. Caddy wants to take up some new instruments. It’s a normal Thursday in 2020. 

The first segment of the show covers some of the recent Country Music Awards nominations. To start, Garth Brooks got his wish. Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean. Here’s a name you weren’t expecting: Justin Bieber. Then a name you were expecting but didn’t see? Kelsea Ballerinio. Caddy explains why and answers the popular question of who exactly can vote in the CMAs. 

The second segment of the show covers some music news for the State of Georgia and specifically, the City of Atlanta. It’s estimated that 20,000 music professionals live and work in the state. Based on the show’s semi-music designation from Apple, it’s unclear where Caddy and Donna fit in there. 

On the following segment, Caddy and Donna talk about the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. He was an incredible actor whose diagnosis was kept under wraps from almost everyone. It’s a powerful example that those around you can be dealing with immense struggles.  

Caddy and Donna turn around the show with a quick game of Which Came First? It’s a trivia game that will be a warm up to thie upcoming round of You Don’t Know Jack. Here are some early vision The Empire State Building or Clint Eastwood? King King or Ping Pong? 

The newest season of Dancing With The Husband Killers is coming soon. The featured entrant? That’s right. It’s Carole Baskin. After that she is headed to Animal Crossing to put up campaign signs. Caddy explains the nuances of the situation and why it has to do with the lack of Joe Biden boat parades. 

Donna and Cadillac Jack almost make it to the fifth segment without earning the show its “Explicit” tag. This one comes from the discussion of OnlyFans. Donna thinks that it promotes the concept of directly paying creators for their content. She says it will move away from “the naughty bits.” Caddy says he isn’t interested in any of that. 

Get your flushot at Publix. Pick up your $10 gift card. Then text Caddy about it. 7704646024. 

Check out Caddy Wagon and Hustle, both podcasts are out now. When you’re done, tell us what you think. 770-464-6024.

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act

Clarence Clemons, will you sign my boarding pass?

Cadillac Jack: My Second Act​ ​ ​

Today’s episode of Cadillac Jack: My Second Act is a quick hit. 

First off, Susan Clark intro’s the show. Not only does Susan Clark does she pipe us in, but comes with fighting’ words. Susan is the only person who has (allegedly) Beat Caddy twice. We can’t remember the old name, but we’ll have a rematch of You Don’t Know Jack to settle the score. 

Donna and Caddy cover their feelings about upcoming holidays like Labor Day and Halloween.  

After that, Donna tells Caddy about the time she was encouraged to steal Clarence Clemons’ hip replacement card. Spoiler Alert: she returned it to him. 

The show fulfills the music portion of its Semi-Music Podcast classification by covering some upcoming songs. The first ones are upcoming classic Christmas songs covered by a few Country artists. Donna and Caddy are not fans. There’s a hunch that Tug Cowart isn’t either. 

Then Donna talks about a new project from Chris Stapleton that features some folks from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. 

Caddy went on a Daddy / Daughter field trip this week. It was a little unconventional- the two went to the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office and Morgue.  He shares the experience on the middle segment of today’s show. 

Statesboro. Bullet County. It’s a new target for the White House. Caddy and Donna tackle the situation on the third major segment. Hear their thoughts on the school, the parents and the nation. It leads right into a discussion on some changes in national testing for schools and prep courses in the college application process.

Check out Caddy Wagon and Hustle, both podcasts are out now. When you’re done, tell us what you think. 770-464-6024.


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